About Kyle

Located in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina, Kyle is a husband, father of 4, a pastor at FaithBridge, and multiple instrument singer/songwriter whose music is a product of his own creative and contemplative explorations, but exists to do more than entertain. The hope is to inspire and stir listeners to find their own art that is their lives given back to the world. 




About the Songs from the Mount


The Songs from the Mount project began as one man's journey to know the heart of God by meditating on the best sermon ever preached. The words that Jesus speaks in Matthew 5-7 paints a picture of a world with upside down values in comparison to the consumer-driven, materialistic culture of today. In the kingdom of heaven, it is the poor, the mourning, and the pure in heart who are blessed rather than the rich, famous, and pretty. By bringing this sermon to new life with music, the hope is that more people will catch a glimpse of this upside down kingdom that invites us all to let go of our burdens, our anxieties, and our false values in order to enter into the joyous freedom of heaven on earth now.