You've Heard it Said... But I Say to You...

There's an incredible thing that Jesus does over and over again in his sermon on the mount. He reminds the listeners of things they have heard, what they have grown up hearing, and then gives them something new.

This is a prototype of how we change, grow, and expand in our own soul's journey. We often go through periods of questioning and uncertainty about things we used to just assume because it's what we have heard, but then we realize that we have in our free will the opportunity to change our minds. Often what ends up happening eventually is that the thing we believe later resembles what we first thought, but it goes deeper in depth and in understanding. Jesus tells us it's not just what we do that matters, but also what we think, because our thoughts and actions cannot really be separated at all. As we progress we realize that in order to live a life of love we must change our hearts and minds about so many things that we used to quickly label.

Jesus tells us that new wine needs new wineskins. God is always doing something new, but we aren't as willing to change our ways to be able to contain the ever expanding love of the Spirit. Richard Rohr teaches us that the mystery of God is not unknowable, but rather is endlessly knowable, meaning that there is always more to see and learn. Whatever you have heard, God is still speaking. Let us have ears to hear, eyes to see, and the flexibility in our hearts and minds to be open to the new thing the Spirit is doing in this day and age. 

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