Some Words on the Absence of Words...

Matt 5 (Instrumentals) is now available everywhere digital music is found! Listen on Spotify here:

Why have music without words? These tracks are a perfect soundtrack for your work, play, prayer, and as you live your life. The talented musicians on these songs really shine! You can simply enjoy the beautiful music for what it is. They say it can even tame the wild beast! (Whoever they are...)

I love listening to music without words because it gives me space to explore my own thoughts. The whole point of the songs from the mount project is to allow people a space to engage with some really powerful ideas from a person who was so radical that he was seen as a threat to the religiously and politically powerful.

In order to help you engage further with these words, I have attached a pdf of questions to consider and talk through with your closest friends (or enemies). Listen to Matt 5 (Instrumentals) and let these ideas transform you from the inside out. My hope is that you would be so inspired to not just listen and think, but to act on these world changing teachings!

Grace & peace,