The Next Chapter...

Here are some thoughts I've been pondering and some exciting announcements:

Life is dynamic. The only constant is change itself, which brings with it all kinds of tension and resistance. There is always tension because if all things were always perfectly balanced, all would be stagnant. As it is, there is an ever present asymmetry to all of creation that is to our benefit. There is beauty in the chaos and in the pain because it is what keeps us moving forward. We all resist moving forward in one way or another, growing nostalgic for past comforts of familiarity. However, it is in the mystery of the unknown that is full of endless possibility and ultimate hope. It is in the possibility of a better future that inspires hope and bold action today. 

Something new was initiated in the life and teaching of a man named Jesus so long ago, and yet we are still coming to realize its possibilities. The bulk of Jesus' teachings are summarized in his sermon on the mount found in Matthew chapters 5 through 7. As I begin to record the next chapter, Matthew 6, the second of three installments of the songs from the mount project, I'm more aware of just how necessary these words and ideals are for the world today.

Anxiety levels are at an all time high. Jesus specifically addresses our worries about our day to day life, concerns about our food, and clothing. The root of our problems stem from a misplacement of ultimate value. One of our greatest sins is our continuous worship of the Almighty Dollar. Jesus says this is what is truly in opposition to God. We can either serve God or wealth. It is obvious what we have chosen over and over again in this nation. The better choice is that of a hope for a brighter tomorrow for the world, unhindered by the greed of the powerful. Jesus calls this the kingdom of God. We are to pursue this with all that we are. Not to bring attention to ourselves, but in order to have eyes to see this kingdom in our midst today.

I'm excited about bringing you Matthew 6. It promises to bring something new. It will sound very differently than the first chapter, branching out musically into new realms. So in the meantime, I will be releasing some remixes of Matthew 5. Starting with Blessed remixed by Doug Kaufman aka Charm Days available now! It is an incredible track by an amazingly talented and awesome guy.

(See more from Charm Days at Check out the track:

It is my hope that we would be daring enough to take these words seriously, to seek first the kingdom of God, to step out into the mysterious unknown filled with hope, and to embody bold love towards all people.