Lucky 13?

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My kids have been saying recently that the number "13" is unlucky.* I'm sure someone at school told them this and there are many people who have thought this in the past. I have heard of buildings without a 13th floor (but with a 12th and 14th) and airplanes omitting the 13th row. You can read theories about why people have come to this idea, but you can also find equal amounts of writing about 13 being a "lucky" number. Everywhere from playing cards, mathematics, baking, and religion, “13” has also been considered a number of good fortune. 

I don't really believe in "luck," but the number "13" is very meaningful for me right now. With my 13th wedding anniversary coming up this year, I decided to commemorate this season of life by releasing 13 songs that I've written over the last 13 years, the first one came out May 13th called, you guessed it, "13," based off of 1 Corinthians chapter 13. You can read more about that song here. In upcoming songs I will be exploring some of the ways I've experienced love in my life. (ie, falling in love with my wife and my kids as well as wrestling with what it means to be loving in a world with so much hate.)

I am really excited to share that I will be releasing a new single every month on the 13th of the month until the final release of the album, "13." So check out the song, "13," and then be sure to follow me on Spotify and keep checking in on the 13th of the month to hear my new song. I will give you a hint about the June 13th song, it will very much be related to the fact that Father's Day is the following Sunday. Becoming a father has perhaps taught me more about love than anything else can. 

Until then, know that I love you and hope you are far more "blessed" than merely "lucky."

*Side note: As soon as I started writing this a coffee pot fell and shattered into a million pieces in another room, but I am sure that's just a coincidence rather than bad luck! :-)