Songs from the Mount Lyrics




To those whose spirits are poor

To those who weep and mourn

To those who are mild and meek

Who hunger and thirst and seek


The kingdom of God is yours


To those whose hearts are pure

Who stand up for peace on earth

To those who are persecuted

Rejoice! For Christ you are rooted


The kingdom of God is yours

The kingdom of God is yours


You are blessed and highly favored

By the God of all creation

He will be your comfort and your King

You’ll find justice in His mercy

In the fullness of His glory

Forever in His presence you will be

As children of God


To those who show mercy

Mercy will be shown

If enemies speak falsely

The truth shall be known


For great is your reward in heaven

Great is your reward in heaven


Salt & Light


You are the salt

The salt 

Of the earth 


How can salt

If it loses its saltiness

Be restored?


You are the light

The light 

Of the world 


No one takes a lamp

And lights it

Just to hide it

A city on a hill

Cannot be hidden


Shine your light

So all of the world

Can see your good works

And give glory to God 




I did not come

To abolish the law

I came not to abolish but fulfill


Unless your righteousness exceeds

That of the scribes and Pharisees

You'll never enter in the kingdom of heaven


Anyone who breaks the law 

And teaches others to do the same

Will be called the least

But anyone who does the law 

And teaches others to do the same

Will be called great

In the kingdom of heaven


Already Guilty


You’ve heard it said

You shall not murder

But I say to you

Friend it’s not that simple


You’re already guilty 

If there’s hate in your heart


You’ve heard it said

Don’t commit adultery

But I say to you

There’s more to being free


You’re already guilty

If there’s lust in your heart


If your right eye causes you to sin

Tear it out and throw it away


If your right hand causes you to sin

Cut it off and throw it away


'Cause it’s better to lose a part

Than to lose it all

Than to lose it all 




You’ve heard it said

Do not swear falsely


But I say to you

Do not swear at all


Let your yes be yes

And no be no

Don’t swear on anything at all


Not on heaven

Not on earth

Not on your life

Or any other oath


Just let your word

Be true and that's enough


Love Your Enemies


You've heard it said

An eye for an eye

And tooth for a tooth


But I say to you

Do not resist an evildoer


Turn the other cheek

Go the extra mile

Shed another layer

Love your enemies


You've heard it said

Love your neighbor

Hate your enemies


But I say to you

Love your enemies

And pray for them


What good is it

To love the ones who love you?

What gain is there

To only greet your family?


Love your enemies